Two elementary school classmates got a second chance at love… 70 years later!

Peter Cassity met Patricia Adams in the fourth grade.

"She was the most beautiful thing I ever seen in my life," he told KMPH Fox 26. "I know exactly the dress she had on. It was a green flowered dress, white collar, bow in the back, and patent leather little shoes. Beautiful."

Cassity sent her a Valentine’s Day card that she never received. It read, “Happy Valentines, I love you, Pete Cassity.”

The two classmates grew up and married other people. They both eventually widowed.

Then, Cassity had his cousin help him get Adams’ number, and the two began to have long talks on the phone, which led to meeting in person. Cassity flew from Arkansas to Clovis, Calif., to see his elementary school crush.

"I said I think we need to get married,” Cassity told KMPH Fox 26. “She said, ‘I think so, too.'"

Adams’ two sons walked her down the aisle. Her daughter was her maid of honor.

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