Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) sat down with Shannon Bream on The Kelly File Thursday night to outline why he's placing a procedural hold on President Obama's nominee for Surgeon General. It's a reason you might not think for a position that is usually not subject to political disputes.

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But Paul says he worries that Dr. Vivek Murthy may try to use the position as a "bully pulpit" to push for stricter gun control laws "under the guise of a public health and safety campaign." Murthy, a doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, has been an outspoken advocate of ObamaCare, founding the national organizing group Doctors for America.

Paul highlighted tweets Murthy has sent backing assault weapons bans and stricter laws on ammo purchases.

"Think about what surgeon generals have done through history. Being against smoking, being against obesity. Things that are bad for your health. That's a reasonable public health concern. But to be someone who's beating up on the Bill of Rights? That's not what we need. He truly is a basher of the Bill of Rights," said Paul.

New Senate rules are expected to lead to Murthy's confirmation despite Paul's action. No confirmation vote has been scheduled yet for Murthy.

At a hearing earlier this month, Murthy brushed off similar concerns from GOP senators, saying he would avoid political issues if confirmed as Surgeon General.

Watch the interview above, and tune in tonight at 9p/12a ET as The Kelly File takes a look at whether one state may be moving toward seizing weapons from gun owners!

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