Fox News' Academy Awards expert Tariq Khan sat down with Jenna Lee this afternoon to go over his predictions for who will win at the Oscars on Sunday night.

First up is Best Picture, where "12 Years a Slave" is considered the favorite, followed by "Gravity." Khan projects "12 Years a Slave" as the winner of the night's top prize.

History says "Gravity" won't be victorious, despite some pundits predicting that director Alfonso Cuarón's film will win.

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"In all of Oscars history, that's 85 years, no science-fiction popcorn picture has ever won the top Oscar," Khan explained, saying Cuarón will take home Best Director and "Gravity" will also be honored in five other technical categories.

How about Best Actor?

"I never thought in a million years I'd hear these words: 'and the Oscar goes to Matthew McConaughey,'" said Khan, pointing out that up until recently the Texan was known for his "abs and silly romantic comedies." He also emphasized that McConaughey lost 47 pounds for his role as a man stricken with AIDS in "Dallas Buyers Club."

Some think Leonardo DiCaprio will win the award for his performance in "The Wolf of Wall Street," but Khan says for the fourth time he believes Leo will be denied a Best Actor Oscar.

No surprise in the Best Actress category, says Khan, calling Cate Blanchett a "slam dunk" for her performance in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine."

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Watch his full analysis in the video above. In the clip below, check out the predictions of Kevin McCarthy and the Fox and Friends crew.