Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is causing outrage among some Americans after he blasted ObamaCare nightmare stories as being untrue.

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“There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue … Lies distorted by Republicans to grab headlines,” Reid said.

This morning on Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck spoke to a mother who says her family is in the midst of an ObamaCare horror story.

Johanna Benthal, 17, was born with congenital malformations on her brain. She has undergone 89 surgeries. The most recent one was last night.

Johanna’s mom, Eileen Benthal, told Hasselbeck she was “offended” by Reid’s comments. “Here I was sitting at my daughter’s bedside, and I’ve spent the last three months – it’s been more than a part time job for me – to secure insurance after our termination happened in the fall.”

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Eileen said they have lost one doctor and all out-of-state coverage. The family was left with three minor options that she described as “far less superior” to their previous coverage.

If Reid feels any regret for his offensive words, Eileen said to him, “I challenge you to make a donation to the Angioma Alliance in honor of Johanna Benthal.”

Last year, the Benthals' insurance company paid the $27K needed for Johanna to have neurodiagnostic testing at a University of Chicago clinic. With no out-of-state coverage as of March 1, the family is looking to the grassroots organization to cover the cost.

“I’d like [Reid] to put his money where his mouth is,” Benthal said. “I’d like him to pay $30,000 dollars to the Angioma Alliance and make that donation, and apologize to me and to the American people.”

Learn more about Johanna and the Angioma Alliance here.

Watch the interview with Benthal above.

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Later this morning, another woman who saw her family's health insurance canceled under ObamaCare updated Martha MacCallum on her situation and also responded to Reid's comments.