The Special Report panel discussed the impact of the Tea Party five years since the grassroots movement launched.

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes moderate Republicans and Democrats should think twice before mocking the conservative movement. He pointed out that in 1976, "establishment Republicans ridiculed Ronald Reagan as being crazy, and extremist and a bomb-thrower" when he ran against Gerald Ford.

"To me, the Tea Party are the true Republicans who are most faithful to the Constitution, who represent small government and maximum individual liberty and the appropriate balance between what the federal government should do and what the states should be doing. And Republicans who deviate from that, like John Boehner and company, like the leadership in the House and the Senate, will do so at their peril," he said.

Charles Krauthammer believes the mainstream media is "overemphasizing" the significance of arguments between the Tea Party and other Republicans, saying the differences between the two sides are more about "tactics" than about small government ideology.

Juan Williams disagreed, saying there are serious fights going on within the GOP and arguing that "political gridlock" has been the result of the Tea Party. 

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