The families of 30 United States service members killed in a 2011 helicopter crash went to Capitol Hill yesterday, demanding answers to many lingering questions about the deadliest incident of the war. The parents of one of the soldiers killed in the attack, Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, discussed the hearing with Brian Kilmeade this morning.

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Billy Vaughn said he was disappointed that no senior military leaders gave testimony to the House Oversight Committee, adding that many answers given by Garry Reid, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict, were "inconsistent" with information that has come out from people on the ground in Afghanistan at the time.

One point of contention is the black box recorder from the Chinook CH-47, which went by the call sign "Extortion 17." Reid testified that black boxes were not standard equipment on the aircraft.

Vaughn said he has received information that teams were searching for a black box after the crash, and was told "this is the first chopper that we've not received a black box off of in all the choppers down in Afghanistan."

Vaughn emphasized that Reid was under oath yesterday, and "we know he gave some false statements." He also questioned why Reid was the one to testify, saying he had never spoken with him about the deadly crash.

"We have low expectations and unfortunately our expectations were met yesterday," said Karen Vaughn.

Watch the interview above. Below, you can hear from Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who chaired the hearing, as he discusses the incident on The Kelly File.

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