Pamela Phillips, 56, is on trial for plotting the murder of her ex-husband. She’s accused of hiring a hitman to plant the car-bomb that killed Gary Triano in 1996.

Prosecutors say the socialite wanted Triano’s $2 million dollar life insurance policy to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

The victim’s niece gave emotional testimony in court, recalling the surprise birthday party planned for Triano the night he died. Triano’s daughter is expected to testify today.

Ronald Young was convicted of the murder in 2010 and is serving two life terms in prison.

On Happening Now, trial attorney Heather Hansen said the jury has been informed of Young’s conviction.

Criminal defense attorney Phil Snyder said there is no substantive evidence linking Phillips to the murder.

Hansen agreed, adding that the life insurance motive presented by the prosecution is a stretch, which is why they’re employing a strategy of making the jury dislike Philips.  

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