A left-leaning professor of constitutional law at George Washington University gave testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday that President Obama "has, in fact, exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a destabilizing influence."

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The bombshell testimony by professor Jonathan Turley took President Obama to task for his "pen and phone" approach to legislation. 

"The rate at which executive power is being concentrated in our system is accelerating, and, frankly, I am very alarmed by the implications of that aggregation of power," Turley testified.

"I believe we are now at a constitutional tipping point in our system. It's a dangerous point for our system to be in."

The professor joined Sean Hannity to elaborate on his testimony and explain his strong stance.

"What we're seeing is a fundamental change in our system," Turley told Hannity. "What we've been seeing for the last two presidencies is a very significant shift of power, largely from the legislative branch to the executive branch, and that's creating a dominant presidency. We don't have a system designed for that."

Turley went on to point out that "the separation of powers may seem like some arcane principle, but it's not there to protect politicians, it's there to protect individual rights."

When Hannity asked for specific examples of Obama's overreaches, Turley brought up the president's State of the Union address. "I was really surprised at the State of the Union, he told Congress that he planned to go it alone, and he received applause."

"I couldn't understand it. We are living in rather strange times."

Turley also pointed out presidential oversteps in the arenas of health care legislation and immigration.

"The problem, Sean, is that constitutional power is very easy to lose, but it is much, much harder to regain. And the same can be said of the balance in our system," he warned. 

"I didn't think this was a partisan issue."

Do you agree with the professor? See the full interview above and decide for yourself.

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