Former "Mob Wives" star Karen Gravano claims in a new $40 million lawsuit that the makers of "Grand Theft Auto V" ripped off her life story for a character in the popular video game.

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The daughter of notorious former New York City mobster "Sammy the Bull" Gravano argues that a character named Antonia Bottino was based on her life and image. The suit says Gravano would have given permission for the game to use her likeness and image, but she was never asked.

A spokesman for Rockstar Games declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Gravano appeared for three seasons on the VH1 reality show, which follows women whose husbands or other family members have ties to organized crime.

Does she have a case?

Attorneys Lis Wiehl and Mark Eiglarsh weighed in this afternoon on America's News HQ. Eiglarsh is doubtful, saying the courts give "wide latitude" for stories to be based upon real events. He predicts the case will be dismissed, calling it a "money grab."

Wiehl disagreed, comparing it to a successful lawsuit by Gwen Stefani against a video game company a few years ago.

"She has a right to her image and she has the right to make money from that image and she has the right to publicity. She's got a book out there. She's clearly making money off her image and they stole it, didn't even come to offer her anything for it," said Wiehl.

Watch the legal debate in the clip above.