Parents in Connecticut are outraged at school officials after an elderly man brought home the wrong child from school. Angela Stone's five-year-old son ended up at the stranger's house after school Friday, where he refused to get out of the car.

Dad Ends Up Arrested During Attempt to Pick Up Kids From School

The great-grandfather had gone to the school to pick up another child, and apparently became confused because the kids were wearing similar clothing. When he got home, his wife quickly realized and they drove the boy back to Sterling Community School.

Stone demanded answers at an emergency Board of Education meeting, also calling out school administrators for their response after the elderly couple called the school to notify them of the mistake.

The Stone family is asking why the school did not notify authorities or immediately call them to tell them what had happened, instead simply telling the couple to bring the child back.

Angela and Derek Stone say the school is chaotic at dismissal time and the "terrifying" incident - even though the man meant no harm - highlights a lack of security. 

The school has reportedly responded by increasing staff during sign-out time and making sure they watch parents as they pick up their children. The elderly man did show ID and signed out the right child, but then the mix-up happened.

Watch the Fox and Friends report above, and let us know your thoughts on this alarming incident.

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