Democrats in Congress have blocked a vote on a bill with funding for veterans benefits because it also contains sanctions against Iran.

President Obama has previously asked Congress not to pass sanctions against Iran. The Obama administration has stressed that it wants to use diplomacy to deal with Iran’s nuclear program.

On America’s Newsroom, Bill Hemmer spoke to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) about this latest push. Sen. Graham said Iran entered into a deal with the United States and its allies only because the sanctions hurt its economy.

The Iranian economy is significantly improving, said Sen. Graham, while the uranium centrifuges remain intact.

“The prime minister of Israel said the Iranians got a great deal, the international community got a bad deal. So I want to put sanctions back on the table to let the Western world know we’re serious about sanctions and let the Iranians know the pressure’s not off,” the senator said.

He blamed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for blocking the vote and said Reid is making the "mistake of a lifetime."

“This administration, I think, is going to allow the Iranians an enrichment capability to keep producing uranium for nuclear material,” Sen. Graham said, adding this this will lead to "Armageddon."

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