It’s being called the “miracle on 3rd Avenue,” after a woman gave birth on a New York City sidewalk.

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A doorman desperately tried hailing a cab for Polly McCourt after she went into labor in New York City on Tuesday. But after another woman took her cab, the baby could not wait any longer.

FOX 5 NY cameras were on scene when it happened. Polly sat down on the sidewalk while the doorman propped her up for support.

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Her husband, Kien, was driving back from New Jersey and arrived after the baby girl was born. When he saw the crowd, Kien said he feared the worst.

Thankfully, passersby helped out, giving Polly sweaters and scarves. One young woman named Isabel gave the coat off her back. The thankful parents decided to name their daughter Ila Isabel, instead of Ila Polly, after the kind stranger.

The McCourts have reportedly tracked down Isabel after pleas to find her so they could thank her and replace her coat.

As for baby Ila, the proud mom says, “She’s a real New Yorker. She was born on the streets of New York.”

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