Arthur Chu has been called the 'Mad Genius of "Jeopardy' for his unorthodox strategy of picking out answers.

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Then again, who can really argue with a strategy that's won $158,000 so far on the popular game show?

Chu jumps around the board when it is his choice of category, shunning the traditional way of playing the game. He often starts at the higher value answers, where the valuable "Daily Double" answers are usually found.

"There can't be two Daily Doubles in one category so bouncing around gives you a higher chance of finding the Daily Doubles," Chu explained this morning on Fox and Friends

Most Jeopardy players start with the least valuable answer and then continue on with the same category until all five answers are off the board.

Chu pointed out that he has seen other contestants do the same thing and have success.

"It helps keep that advantage of having momentum, being the one who knows where you're going next and keeping your opponents on their toes," said Chu.

He revealed that in the orientation before he went on the show, he and other contestants were told of the option to bounce around the board and that there is no rule against it.

Watch the interview above, and to hear from Alex Trebek check out the The Five, today at 5p ET. Chu's run on Jeopardy will continue tonight.

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