Tune in to Fox and Friends Friday morning at 8:20a ET for an in-depth profile of Doug Wilder, who broke down racial barriers in the 1990s when he was elected governor of Virginia.

Plus, check out more from Harris Faulkner, who gave us this exclusive preview.

     It’s fairly easy for former military folk to bond. For example, I was born on a U.S. Army base and raised as a “Brat” with my dad serving as an Aviator through the Vietnam War and retiring as a Lt. Colonel when I was a teenager.

     So, when Douglas Wilder introduced himself not as the title so many of us are familiar, rather as an “old Army guy”, I instantly liked him. He didn’t brag but, I looked it up: Wilder was awarded a Bronze Star for heroism during the Korean War. 

     But, just so we’re clear, this is the same man who was the first African American governor in the United States. Former Virginia Governor Wilder knows he broke through racial barriers but, he told me at this point in time, that’s not as important as being an American.

     He put it to me this way, “Times have changed, Harris, I didn’t run back then to be the first. I ran to represent people. And, I really mean that. I would mean it, even if I ran today. Being an American is the thing.”

  Inside 10 seconds, you know his charming personality might  have been mistaken for that deplored “politician’s glitz” 25 years ago. And, frankly it still could be. He’s a smooth talker. And, very photogenic.

   I’m including more pics than usual for my blog because, well, TV and the Internet are visual media and Wilder admittedly likes the camera! Also, one of the pics is with me, Wilder and our Series Producer, Brad Newman. “Big Bad Brad”, as I  like to call him, is very camera shy. In three years of working on the pieces with him, I’ve only posted two pics of him, ha ha.

     With this final story in our Black History Month series this year, I’m a little sad that the 2014 journey is wrapping up. Governor Wilder and all the outstanding people we’ve brought you this month, have left an indelible mark on me. They are each inspirational, motivational and hopeful in their own ways.

     But, most importantly, they are all Americans who just so happened to be black and do great things as part of the history we all share.

     Tune in Friday, February 28th at 8:20 a.m. Eastern, when I join the Fox and Friends Team with this week’s story!

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