A high school student in Clarksville, Tennessee, was suspended from school and is facing possible criminal charges over a fishing knife that his dad left in his car.

Student Suspended for Accidentally Bringing Hunting Knife to Football Game

David Duren-Sanner's vehicle was searched last week during a random lockdown at Northeast High School, according to a local report. Having no idea that his father's knife was inside, he agreed to the search. In addition to the 10-day suspension, he also faces weapons charges in Montgomery County.

The 18-year-old, whose father is a commercial fisherman, could now be forced to attend an alternative school for 90 days, though he's appealing the punishment. The vehicle belongs to his father, but Duren-Sanner had driven it to school that day.

Duren-Sanner and his grandmother, Peggy Duren, talked to Eric Bolling and Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning on Fox and Friends.

The honor roll student said he's worried he might not be allowed to graduate with his classmates or even attend his senior prom due to the zero-tolerance policy.

"Somebody has to use common sense. ... It wasn't an AK-47. It was his dad's fishing knife and he didn't know it was there. They need to look at each case," his grandmother said.

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