Sean Hannity tonight spoke with the filmmakers of a new documentary that had him yelling at his TV.

“American Winter” profiles the financial struggles that families are facing in Portland, Oregon. The filmmakers suggest in their documentary that America should regulate and check capitalism.

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Hannity took on the ideas of brothers Harry and Joe Gantz, who produced the documentary. He argued that government is the problem, noting that it has accumulated $7 trillion in new debt over the last five years, though 50 million Americans remain on food stamps.

“Obviously, government’s not providing the answers, and you’re attacking capitalism,” Hannity said.

“We’re saying that we need to come together as a country, and we need to address these problems,” Joe Gantz said.

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“You know what the answer is? Unbridled business creation in an environment where government gets off of our back, the antithesis of what you offered as a solution in this documentary,” Hannity told them.

Hannity, who partners with top energy companies, said the filmmakers should visit to learn more about hundreds of available high-paying jobs.

Watch the full interview above.