Much of the country is gearing up for another tornado season, but what if we could stop a tornado in its tracks?

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There’s a new proposal that calls for building several giants walls across tornado alley in the Midwest.

Proposed by physicist Rongjia Tao of Temple University, the walls would measure about 1,000 feet high and 150 feet wide. According to his research, it would stop the flow of air from the north and south, preventing tornadoes from forming. The concept stems from China, where mountain ranges from east to west help reduce tornadoes.

Meteorologist and professional storm chaser, Tony Laubach was skeptical about the logistics of this idea. On America’s Newsroom, he told Bill Hemmer, “Scientifically what he’s proposing, I don’t think is going to have an effect on a big enough scale to mitigate tornado dangers.”

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Laubach said the mountain ranges in China can’t compare to a wall. “I understand the theory behind trying to block air masses, but you can’t physically really do that with manmade structures,” he said.

The estimated cost is about $60 billion per 100 miles. Laubach said that money could be used to fund better research and build stronger structures to keep people safe from tornadoes.

“We still don’t know how they form. We have a rough idea, but if we don’t really know the exact science behind tornadoes, there’s really no way we can sit there and say hey we can stop those things,” he said.

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