There are two hearings underway today on Capitol Hill into the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

Former IRS official Lois Lerner is being subpoenaed to testify next week. Back in May, Lerner pleaded the Fifth after making a brief statement declaring her innocence. A House panel later voted that she waived her Fifth Amendment right by giving that statement.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who serves on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, told Bill Hemmer that Lerner can be compelled to testify.

“I’m sure the people who get subpoenas don’t want to show up, but it’s not an optional activity in the United States,” he said, adding that Lerner will be held in contempt of Congress if she doesn’t adhere.

Rep. Chaffetz believes that Lerner knows “a lot” about the IRS targeting. He charged, “So many of these roads go through Lois Lerner and her manipulation of the IRS data.”

A letter from Lerner’s attorney, William Taylor, to House Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) reads: “We understand that the Committee voted that she waived her rights. We continue to respectfully disagree that she waived any rights and she will decline to answer unless she is ordered to do so by a United States District Court or receives immunity.”

Rep. Chaffetz said that Lerner will not be given immunity in exchange for her testimony. “She may have to pay some consequences for what she did or did not do. Right now, we’re just trying to get to the truth.”