The shocking video above shows a school bus driver hitting a student with a broom. It happened in Indianapolis after a fight broke out between 14-year-old Autumn Bonilla and the driver, 47-year-old Charlotte McDaniel, on the bus.

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McDaniel was apparently trying to discipline another child when Bonilla started arguing with her and cursing. That’s when things quickly escalated and McDaniel began hitting the girl with a broomstick.

In a FOX 59 Indianapolis interview, Bonilla admitted to starting the fight.

“I completely 100 percent admit that I started it. And I’m not going to sit here and lie to you. I did start it. But that don’t give a grown woman a reason to put her hands on me at all.”

Bonilla said she has a fractured bone in her nose.

The driver has been put on leave, pending an investigation.

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