In Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo, he said that many social problems in America are directly related to the collapsing family unit in some precincts.

He said that 72 percent of black births are out of wedlock compared to 29 percent of white births. Forty-eight percent of American children in single female households live in poverty while 11 percent of married families do. O’Reilly said 71 percent of high school dropouts and 75 percent of adolescents in chemical abuse programs come from fatherless homes. Boys without fathers present are twice as likely to become gang members, and 56 percent of jail inmates grew up in a single-parent household, O’Reilly said.

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“The root of poverty, crime and despair in America is the collapse of the traditional family.”

Tomorrow, the president will announce the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, which will target young black males and try to give them hope. O’Reilly will be at the White House tomorrow to get specifics and will report back.

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“On a general basis, it is long past time for America to join together and help the kids,” O’Reilly said. “Put yourself in their position. Millions of children are born into chaotic homes where their parents are irresponsible or absent. How can kids like that compete against children from stable homes? The answer is they can’t.”

“Having children out of wedlock is not good. Bringing children into the world when you can’t support them is stupid and cruel. This message should be drummed into every American,” O’Reilly said.

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