Special guest Alex Trebek joined The Five on Wednesday night to talk about everything from 30 years of hosting “Jeopardy!” to unicorns (thanks, Gutfeld).

Jeopardy! champion Arthur Chu spoke out earlier on Fox and Friends about the backlash he’s facing for his game-winning strategy.

But Trebek sees no controversy there, noting that other contestants have employed the same strategy in the past. “I think the accusations against his style of play have no merit to them.”

Leave it to Greg Gutfeld make a comparison between Jeopardy! and capitalistic greed. Trebek took it in stride answering, “It’s a reflection of America. And Americans are very competitive. America is the land of opportunity and we provide opportunity for our contestants.”

Does Trebek have a rivalry with “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak? Find out in the video above.

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Then, check out part two for more with the Emmy Award winning host, below.