Radio host David Webb joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss his confrontation with an Alabama lawmaker who called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom."

State Rep. Alvin Holmes, a Democrat from Montgomery, made the remarks on the House floor earlier this month, arguing that Thomas benefited from affirmative action to get into Yale Law School, but on the high court has "voted against every affirmative action program to help poor people get an education.”

Tim Scott Fires Back After NAACP Leader's 'Ventriloquist Dummy' Remark

The remark came on the heels of an NAACP leader calling Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) a "ventriloquist dummy" for the GOP.

Holmes stood by the "Uncle Tom" label when confronted by Webb last week, saying Thomas allows himself to be "used to carry the message of a white man, which is against the interests of black people in America."

In the video above, Webb also pushed Holmes on comments he was reported to have made about interracial marriages, apparently in reference to Clarence and Ginni Thomas.

Then, Holmes echoed the criticism on Sen. Scott, saying he "takes every position the white folk tell him to take."

Webb told Hannity that Holmes did not seem to know much about Scott's positions or policies.

"This is hypocrisy, disingenuousness. It's kind of the old demagogue routine that we can't accept as Americans," said Webb.

Watch the confrontation in the clips above, including reaction from Webb, Hannity and Democratic strategist Richard Fowler.