Did you know your tax dollars could be going to pot?

In the month after Colorado legalized marijuana, welfare recipients withdrew thousands of dollars from ATMs at Colorado pot shops, National Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior found.

Welfare for Weed: Colorado Allows EBT Withdrawals at Pot Shops

According to the National Review report, public assistance benefits were accessed at businesses that sell pot at least 64 times in the first month after recreational pot became legal in Colorado. Melchior found that welfare recipients withdrew a total of $5,475 from ATMs in establishments that sell pot, with the average amount withdrawn ranging from $20 to $400. Melchior noted that some of the establishments sold groceries, too, so she said there’s no way to know exactly how much of the money was spent on marijuana.

Melchior joined Greta Van Susteren tonight to discuss her report. She said that her findings point out potential for abuse of welfare funds.

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“I mean, really, welfare money isn’t intended for marijuana, and the fact that people can go and withdraw cash benefits at marijuana shops is just incomprehensible,” Melchior said.

There was a recent effort to pass a bill that would have regulated EBT withdrawals at marijuana stores and strip clubs, but it failed to pass.

Watch Melchior's full interview with Van Susteren above.