On Hannity, Sean spoke to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) about his recent criticism directed at former President Bill Clinton.

Paul responded, “We have a lot of conservative Democrats in our state who go to church each week and really don’t approve of his behavior, what he’s done with women, with sexual harassment in the workplace. … Having him as some sort of role model for the Democrat Party – it’s something they ought to really rethink because there are a lot of people who don’t agree with those kind of values.”

Hannity questioned whether Paul would make it a big issue if he were running against Hillary Clinton for president.

“It’s really an issue about whether you want [Bill] as a role model and whether you want him as a leader of your party,” Paul said. “It doesn’t directly reflect on Hillary, but it is a little hard to escape the association and that he’s a big fundraiser.”

Paul said that Kentucky’s Secretary of State Alison Grimes should return any money donated to her Senate campaign from Bill Clinton. “Frankly, they ought to be a little embarrassed to be associated … with him.”

As for a GOP divide, Sen. Paul said, “We’ve lost a couple presidential elections and we’re going to have some growing pains until we find our voice. And some of us hope that voice will be one for limited government, maximal freedom.”

He predicted that in the 2014 midterm elections, Americans will repudiate President Obama’s policies.

The senator also told Hannity that he plans on using filibuster tactics to stop the Obama nominee for Surgeon General if Harry Reid refuses to withdraw his nomination. Paul believes Dr. Vivek Murthy is too political for the position, having served as the head of Doctors for America.

Ultimately, Paul said, “The Senate operates under the iron fisted rule of one man – Harry Reid.”

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