A Minnesota family is in a fight with the government to keep their land in an eminent domain case.

The family says the 10 acres of land given to them after their father died is theirs to keep. The Dakota County wants to use it to build a bike trail and park on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Today on The Real Story, Gretchen Carlson spoke to sisters Nancy Drews and Joni Sargent.

Sargent said her family allowed the country to buy 1.8 acres of the land. She told Gretchen, “On November 5th, they just decided in closed session that they were going to take all of it instead.”

The county supposedly wanted to make room for picnic benches. Apparently, Sargent said the county has had their property in the master plan since 2003.

Gretchen commented, “This has been in your family for over a century and now the government wants to come in and take away this pristine property with childhood and lifelong memories, not to mention a home, because they want to put some picnic benches up.”

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Drews said, “We’re trying to point out to the judge in this case that they don’t need the entire property, that they can still just put in the bike trail with the offer that we made them.”

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