Congressman Buck McKeon (R-CA) is blasting President Obama for ignoring U.S. victories in Afghanistan. McKeon, who serves as the House Armed Services Committee chair, said he was “astounded” that the president will not take credit for his own successful strategies.

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Martha MacCallum spoke to McKeon this morning on America’s Newsroom. He said the president should give a speech on the war in Afghanistan and acknowledge that the troops he sent over have had great success.

The American public’s support for the war is dropping, he said, because they are unaware of the troops’ victories.

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“[Obama] did not even put it on his website,” McKeon said, noting that a page for the war in Afghanistan does not exist but a page for the Iraq war reads, "Promise Kept."

He told Martha, “This is just inexcusable. When we went into Afghanistan, there were a million children able to go to school. Now there are eight million. … In fact, we opened a school while I was there. 500 young people, about a third of them girls … something that they were denied under Taliban rule.”

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