The mother of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier collapsed and was taken to a local hospital today after a custody hearing.

A judge ruled that Justina would be transferred from Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Framingham, Mass., to foster care. Justina will remain in Massachusetts state custody.

Teen Remains in Psych Ward as Parents Dispute Doctors' Diagnosis

Lou and Linda Pelletier have been trying to regain custody of their daughter since last February. That’s when they took their daughter to Boston Children’s Hospital because she had the flu.

Justina had previously been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease by doctors at Tufts Medical Center, but doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital dismissed that diagnosis. They told the Pelletier family that she suffers from a psychological condition called somatoform disorder and that her symptoms are all psychologically induced. Then, the hospital accused Justina’s parents of medical child abuse, and the state assumed custody of the teen.

Father Breaks Judge's Gag Order as Daughter Remains in State Custody

Following today’s ruling, Justina’s father yelled out, “We’re dead, we’re dead!” Her mother exclaimed, “I want my daughter back," and collapsed to the floor.

The media was not allowed inside the hearing.

Lou Pelletier broke a gag order and went on “The Kelly File” last week to discuss the custody battle. Watch his interview here.

Mathew Staver, Liberty Counsel founder and chairman, will now be working with the Pelletier legal team. He was on “The Kelly File” tonight to discuss the case. Watch parts 1 and 2 below.

Part 1

Part 2

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