Last summer, A Fox News special exposed America’s “food stamp binge” and brought us the story of Jason Greenslate, a California musician and surfer who bought lobster with his food stamps.

“The O’Reilly Factor” sent Jesse Watters to San Diego to check in with 29-year-old Greenslate.

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“You got the Escalade, go to the strip club, on food stamps, free gear, what’s this look like to most people?” Watters asked him.

“It looks like a good time, man,” Greenslate answered.

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Watters then asked Greenslate how he is contributing to society.

“I bring smiles to a lot of people with my music, you know?” Greenslate told him. “Just because my job is a little cooler than your job, and people are a little bit more jealous than anything.  And I think the food stamps give me [an] opportunity to focus more on a career … you can’t really survive on a minimum wage job. I mean, places are expensive.”

Watters told him that people do survive on the minimum wage, and asked if he still buys lobster with his food stamps. Greenslate told him he does if it’s on sale.

When asked if he knew how much debt the country is in, Greenslate said he didn’t. Watters told him the nation is $17 trillion in debt and that taking food stamps contributes to that.

“Do I have to apologize for the way the system’s set up?” Greenslate asked.

He also told Watters he expects to make millions and millions of dollars with his music career.

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