A Democratic lawmaker is accusing a Michigan cancer patient of being a liar for discussing her experience with ObamaCare in a political ad.

Cancer patient Julie Boonstra says in the ad that her insurance was cancelled due to ObamaCare, alleging that Michigan Rep. Gary Peters’ vote for ObamaCare threatened her health.

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Peters' legal counsel sent a letter to TV stations which reads, “For the sake of both FCC licensing requirements and the public interest, your station should immediately require AFP to provide factual documentation of its claims.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “Your World With Neil Cavuto” to discuss the letter. He said the framers of the Constitution absolutely prohibited that the government be a fact checker with respect to speech.

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“You can say anything you want in a political campaign,” Napolitano said. “The remedy is not to silence someone, the remedy is not to punish the television station, the remedy is to rebut it with more speech. If he has another version that he wants to give, let him go on that television station and give that version. But to threaten the station by pulling their license because the ad against him is a little too harsh, that sounds more like Vladimir Putin than it does the United States of America.”

Peters argues that the ad is a lie and that stations cannot knowingly put lies on air.

“He is threatening power that he doesn’t even have – he’s a member of Congress, he’s not in the FCC,” Napolitano said.

Hear more of what Napolitano had to say in the video above.