Federal authorities are on the hunt for a convicted sex offender who cut off his ankle monitor and fled a halfway house in Denver, Colorado.

Eric Eugene Hartwell, 51, was convicted of raping a six-year-old in 1991 and attempted indecent liberties in 1996 after he tried to rape a pregnant 17-year-old hitchhiker.

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According to authorities, Hartwell left the halfway house on Friday, and authorities began to look for him 22 minutes later. Though a warrant was issued that evening, the public was not notified until 25 hours later, following a local report on his escape.

Hartwell has cut off his ankle monitor before. Back in 2009, he escaped from a group home in Washington state, where he was serving time for failing to register as a sex offender. He was recaptured more than a week later in Texas.

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Hartwell is described as a 6-foot-2 white man who weighs 205 pounds. He has blue eyes, blond or strawberry blond hair, a tattoo on his right hand, and he has been known to grow facial hair in order to change his appearance.

Federal officials are offering a possible reward for tips leading to Hartwell.

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