Chuck Hagel has become the third defense secretary to deny the Medal of Honor to Sgt. Rafael Peralta, a Marine killed in Iraq in 2004.

Some of Peralta’s comrades maintain that they came under fire in Fallujah when a grenade was thrown their way and that Peralta saved them by smothering the blast.

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However, others have since changed their story. The Washington Post reported that he was actually killed by friendly fire and that they concocted the story to make Peralta seem more heroic.

The fallen Marine’s brother Ricardo Peralta was on “The Kelly File” tonight to talk about the reports. He said he believes that the statements made against his brother’s heroic story are inaccurate.

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“We’re proud to the fullest,” Peralta said of his brother. He said no medal will change how his family feels.

Watch his full interview above.