Maria Bartiromo joined Howard Kurtz on “Media Buzz” Sunday to discuss her new shows on Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

Bartiromo’s new show, “Opening Bell,” debuts tomorrow on Fox Business Network from 9-11 a.m. ET.

WATCH: Maria Bartiromo's First Fox Business Network Appearance

Bartiromo said that a lot of business information focuses on the short term, which is not the way to invest.

“I think today, viewers don’t want short-termism, and I think today viewers want a much broader, deeper perspective of where their money is and what it’s doing over the long term,” she said.

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The former CNBC anchor said it was a tough decision to leave the network, but that she then began to look at the next 20 years, deciding what’s best for her and ultimately deciding to make the switch to Fox.

Bartiromo will also host a Sunday morning show, where she plans to make business part of the conversation.

“I don’t just want a Republican and a Democrat talking on Sunday mornings, I want to ask that business guy, ‘Why do you have a trillion dollars overseas? What is it going to take in terms of tax reform to get you to take that money back to America? Why can’t you find the employees that you need with the right skill sets required to actually thrive in your business?’ … All of these issues are really best answered by the guy or gal on the front lines, the person who’s operating a business, small or big, and I intend to get business people as part of the conversation on Sunday morning.”

Watch the full interview above, and tune in to Fox Business Network tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. ET for “Opening Bell.”