Fox News Sunday’s ‘Power Player of the Week’ has a website with nearly 12 million views, and 140 different kinds of merchandise bear her image!

Who is she? Meet Bao Bao, a baby panda at the National Zoo. Her name means precious or treasure in Chinese.

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This week, Chris Wallace got to participate in a training session with the panda, who is 6 months old today. She has grown quite a bit since she was born – at birth, she was the size of a stick of butter, and now weighs more than 20 pounds! She will grow to be 220 pounds.

Bao Bao, one of Washington, D.C.’s most famous residents, will only stay at the zoo until she turns 4. Then, she will be sent to China to breed and create more baby pandas.

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Watch the video above to see Bao Bao's training session, and take a look at the photos below!

Chris Wallace meets Bao Bao, Washington, D.C.'s furriest celebrity!

Chris Wallace feeds Bao Bao sweet potatoes on a stick of bamboo.

Bao Bao spends most of her time with her mother.

Happy Half-Birthday, Bao Bao!