A former Navy SEAL with more than a decade of experience explained some of the threats to our nation’s power grid on this week’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine."

“The power grid is amazingly easy to dismantle,” Christopher Mark Heben said. “As an unconventional warfare specialist, I was trained to dismantle and take down power grids in other countries. Believe me, it doesn’t take a doctorate from MIT to figure out how to make an EMP device that will take down not only a substation … but the transmission stations and the distribution stations.”

'Our Death Toll Would Be Staggering': Judge Jeanine on Power Grid Threats

Heben said experts perform threat and vulnerability assessments, but that often, leaders don’t take the recommendations seriously. He said the people who are put in charge of making important decisions often find the recommendations too costly and think they will affect the bottom line.

According to Heben, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is made up of “desk jockeys” who are not trained in unconventional warfare.

CA Congressman: 'Abundant Evidence of Pre-Planning’ in Power Station Attack

"If our power grids go down, I suggest everyone, you know, stock up on batteries, baby wipes and biscuits because it's gonna be a series of very long, very long nights and months," he said.

“We’ve got problems, Judge, we really do,” he said.

Watch his full interview above.