How can the Republican Party win? A panel tackled this question this week on “Huckabee.”

Immigration is a large issue for the nation, and the House GOP has decided they’re not taking up the issue of reform this year.

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“Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity,” Rev. Sammy Rodriguez said, saying that the Republican Party must “cross the Jordan” on immigration reform, but that amnesty isn’t the way to go.

“Why should we grant amnesty to people who stepped into this nation illegally? Amnesty’s not an option,” he said. Rodriguez said the nation needs an immigration reform system that secures the borders, stops illegal immigration and provides a pathway of integration to those who are already here.

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Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said lawmakers need to focus on enforcement and taking incremental action.

Crystal Wright agreed with Blackburn and said, “More importantly, the way Republicans can win the Hispanic vote and the black vote and everybody else is talking about immigration, about abiding by our laws. Everybody wants us to be a law-abiding country, it doesn’t matter what color skin you are.”

“You wanna get people’s vote as a party? Pro-growth policies, what is good for this nation … there is no guarantee of the Hispanic vote if you do immigration.” David Webb said.

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