While a sailor fights for our freedom overseas, his Louisiana family is fighting for the right to welcome him home.

Petty Officer Third Class Anthony Marsiglia is deployed on the USS Enterprise and is due home in a few weeks. His family hung a welcome sign outside of their home, but a lawyer for their homeowners association sent them a letter that said they had 30 days to take it down.

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The homeowners association gave little explanation as to why. The only mention in the homeowners’ rules for signs is about size requirements, and the family’s sign fits within those restrictions.

This action has sparked outrage among veterans, one of whom placed a flag and yellow ribbon on the subdivision’s sign. They were quickly taken down.

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Now, the homeowners association has hired a legal mediator to deal with the issue.

"The Frenchman's Creek Homeowners Association has asked a well-respected professional mediator to contact the homeowner, Chester Pellegran, and create a dialogue in hopes of working out a solution,” the association said in a statement. “The association is still waiting for a response to the February 6th offer by the homeowners association for the welcome home sign to stay up a couple weeks prior to the service man's return and stay up during his leave and to be taken down after his deployment. This proposal has been approved and sent by the homeowners association many weeks ago. No response has ever been received from Mr. Pellegran."