Check out this preview clip below as Judge Jeanine reports from outside a power plant in Manhattan.

It's all part of an hour-long Justice special, Saturday night at 9p/12a ET as Judge Pirro takes an in-depth look at the dangers to the American power grid. From terrorism to cyberattacks to extreme weather, her investigation will examine all of the vulnerabilities.

Alarms Being Raised About Sniper Attack on CA Power Station

What's being done to protect us and is it too little, too late? Are Americans prepared for a long-term power outage?

"The question is not 'will it happen?' But when will it happen?" she said, pointing out that before 9/11 Americans had never envisioned such an attack taking place.

Join Judge Jeanine Saturday night at 9p/12a ET at as she discusses the alarming situation with former CIA Director James Woolsey and former Navy SEAL Christopher Heben.

CA Congressman: 'Abundant Evidence of Pre-Planning’ in Power Station Attack'

Woolsey worries that the government officials in charge of protecting the power grid have buried "their heads in the sand."

“If you take out the electrical system, everything else goes down, too. You have 18 critical infrastructures in the country, and 17 of them depend on electricity. So you lose your communication system. You lose transportation. You lose your bank teller system for getting money. Nothing works," he explained.

Heben doesn't believe it's all that difficult for an attacker to build an EMP device to take out "not only a substation, but the transmission station, and the distribution stations.”

“If our power grids go down, I suggest everyone stock up on batteries, baby wipes, and biscuits because it’s going to be a series of very long nights and months.” 

Watch the sneak peek below.

Judge Jeanine Warns of Vulnerability of America's Power System