After an agreement was reached to end the bloodshed between police and anti-government protesters in Kiev, Ukraine, Ralph Peters joined Martha MacCallum this morning to react to the fallout and President Obama's handling of the crisis.

Bolton: 'No One Is Paying Attention' to Obama Amid Ukraine Violence

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) called Obama the most naive president in history in a radio interview Thursday, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin has "played" the White House.

Peters agreed with McCain's assessment, calling Obama "willfully naive" and adding that Obama seems to be afraid of Putin.

He said Obama's "reluctance to say anything forceful" during the protests in Ukraine will send the message to Putin that the U.S. still considers the country to be within Russia's "sphere of influence."

On the new agreement, Peters called it a "pause" but not a long-term solution.

"Putin is not going to give up. He wants Ukraine back and he may literally fight for it if necessary," said Peters.

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