Some Girl Scouts in California and Colorado are reportedly capitalizing on the laws of supply and demand (and the munchies). According to some reports, more and more parents are having their kids sell cookies outside medical marijuana shops.

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Some scouts in front of a San Francisco dispensary called The Green Cross sold out of cookies in 45 minutes and had to call for more earlier this week.

A mother of one of those scouts told the East Bay Express that her daughter has been employing this strategy for three years now. She said the sales were far better outside the pot shop than outside a grocery store.

On The Real Story this afternoon, Gretchen sat down with her all-male panel to discuss this apparent stroke of genius.

Matt McCall called it basic capitalism, pointing out that when people stumble out of a city bar at 2am, there's usually a burrito or other food truck waiting for them.

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Comedian Pete Dominick thinks Americans should be more worried about becoming hooked on Samoas, Thin Mints or Tagalongs, than marijuana.

"I've smoked marijuana and I've had Girl Scout cookies and only one keeps me coming back," he said, before getting in a plug for his own daughter's cookie-selling effort.

Gretchen declined. Ed Henry's daughter got to her first.

Watch the full discussion above and give us your thoughts: would you tell your daughter to sell cookies outside a pot dispensary?

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