The Department of Veterans Affairs is accused of obstructing the efforts of the American Legion, which reviews the processing of veterans' claims.

House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) sent a letter to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki last week. In it, he said a VA official in Seattle is restricting the American Legion from talking to claims-processing staff and reviewing claims. Miller says the American Legion has been visiting regional VA offices for 15 years.

‘Vets Are Dying on Backlog’: Ret. Marine Says VA Execs Should Be Fired

War veteran Pete Hegseth was on “The Kelly File” to discuss this issue. He said Seattle’s VA office has a wait time of more than 300 days and that 25,000 veterans are waiting for claims to be processed.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs is desperate, they’re overwhelmed, their backs are against the wall, and I think they’re pushing back and trying to prevent anyone that would expose the fact that the backlog isn’t getting better,” he said. “They’re still failing veterans.”

Veteran Still Waiting for VA Medical Benefits After 9 Years

Hegseth said administration officials are “giving big speeches, but they’re not solving any problems.” He said the administration isn’t holding anyone accountable at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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