Some new information coming out this morning on a tragic story out of Springfield, Missouri, where a 10-year-old girl was kidnapped just blocks from her home and later found dead.

The abduction reportedly occurred at around 4:45pm local time Tuesday as Hailey Owens was walking home from a friend's house with her cell phone in her hand.

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According to witnesses, the suspect pulled up to Owens in a truck and asked for directions. When she turned to walk away, he is said to have jumped out and pulled her into the vehicle "like a rag doll" and sped off at about 60 mph.

Neighbors saw the abduction and chased after the truck on foot, getting the license plate number, which would quickly lead police to 45-year-old Craig Michael Wood.

Ricky Riggins, 23, said he got in his car and tried to follow the truck, but there were too many cars in between them and he eventually lost track of the suspect.

Wood was found at his home that night and later charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping. Police say they have not found any prior connection between Wood and the victim.

Police say the girl's body was found in Wood's basement. An autopsy is pending to positively ID the remains and the cause of death.

For the full details on the case and the investigation, check out the Springfield News-Leader.