Filmmakers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett are opening up to Sean Hannity about their upcoming film, “Son of God.”

The movie is a follow-up to the miniseries “The Bible,” which gained attention for the character of Satan, who many said bore a physical likeness to President Barack Obama.

Roma Downey, Co-Creator of 'The Bible,' Addresses the Satan, Obama Controversy

Downey told Hannity that she decided to cut Satan from the film due to his perceived resemblance to the president.

“I absolutely wanted the devil on the cutting room floor,” she said. “I felt that the conversation that ignited after that moment in the miniseries served to be such a distraction. And this movie ‘Son of God’ is a movie about Jesus, and I just didn’t want to give Satan any more air time.”

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Downey said it was never their intention to cast someone who looks like Obama.

“Son of God” will be in theaters on Feb. 28.

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