New details are emerging in the investigation of an apparent road rage killing on a Pennsylvania highway. Police have released part of the 911 call made by 28-year-old Timothy Davison shortly before his death at about 2am ET on Jan. 4.

911 Call Released After 'Hero' Dad Saves Daughter in Road Rage Attack

They have also released a picture of a vehicle that looks like the one that they believe the suspect was driving. Authorities are asking people to look out for a 1993-97 dark blue Ford Ranger, which may actually appear black.

Police believe the truck sustained damage to the driver's side when the suspect rammed into Davison's vehicle and ran him off the road. Cops believe the suspect then got out of the truck and fatally shot Davison, who was driving back to Maine from Orlando.

Auto repair shops are also asked to look into whether any similar vehicles were brought in for repairs for that type of damage. Call 800-4PA-TIPS if you have any information.