The violence in Kiev, Ukraine, worsened Thursday after a brief truce was declared. At least 33 more people are reported dead, bringing the total to at least 59 killed with hundreds more injured.

Krauthammer: 'Why Is Biden on the Phone and Not Obama?'

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly sending an envoy to Ukraine to try to mediate discussions with anti-government protesters.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has said protesters have taken 67 police officers hostage. Police forces were also given combat weapons Thursday, Reuters reported.

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As the situation gets worse, Martha MacCallum talked to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton this morning. He doesn't believe either side was impacted when President Obama warned of "consequences if people step over the line."

"No one's paying the slightest bit of attention to him. It's hard to believe he even means it," said Bolton, pointing out that at the same time Obama maintains we're not in competition with Russia over the direction of Ukraine.

Bolton said Obama's position about the Ukraine is very similar to Ron Paul, who argues America has no interest in what happens in Ukraine and should stay out of the conflict.

"They're both flatly wrong," Bolton said.

Watch Bolton's full analysis above, and stay tuned to Fox News for the latest reports on the violence.