Having recently seen the multi-Oscar nominated movie “Wolf of Wall Street”, the vision of a shark tank quickly came to mind as Joe Searles described his early days at the corner of Wall and Broad in lower Manhattan. Searles was the first African-American trader on Wall Street.   When we sat down to chat about that inaugural journey for blacks, Searles told me he was immediately drawn to the excitement and challenge of having a front row seat to some of the biggest moments in America’s financial history.

But, there were discouraging realities, too. Searles told me all about the tight clique on Wall Street and who got in… and who didn’t. And, he pointed out that “Members Only” mentality meant opening doors for others to follow him would be very difficult. In fact, he said it’s one of the reasons why even today there are so few blacks in the stock market. But, the driver is money, not skin color. We learned a lot and will share with you the inside scoop about Wall Street. It’s a part of our shared American history you don’t want to miss. 

UPDATE: Check out the segment from Friday morning's Fox and Friends in the video above, and tune in next week for Harris' profile of former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder.