Seven elementary school teachers in Fallsburg, N.Y. remain on the job after heroin and needles were found in a faculty bathroom.

Police wanted to drug test eight employees seen entering the Benjamin Cosor Elementary School bathroom before the drugs were discovered. They initially agreed but then all but one refused to take tests at the advice of their union. The one employee who did submit to a urine sample isn’t a member of the union.

Teacher Fired for Watching Porn at School Gets Job Back Thanks to Union

Heroin and needles were found before winter break in December and again last week.

Megyn Kelly joined Bill O’Reilly to discuss this case tonight on “The Factor.”

Why Is a Teachers Union Fighting on Behalf of Convicted Child Molester?

“This is outrageous, and something needs to be done because this is a preschool through sixth grade facility, Bill,” Kelly said. “This is all little ones, and someone in their school is shooting up heroin, and the unions seem much more interesting in protecting the due process rights – which I agree are relevant here – of the teachers than in protecting the safety and lives – also relevant – of the little ones.”

The teachers have not been removed from their classrooms.

“There could be little 4-year-olds being taught by somebody who is apparently addicted to heroin,” Kelly said.

Watch their discussion above.