Democrats are trying to explain why a smaller workforce is a good thing.

A recent CBO report found that ObamaCare will lead to about 2 million fewer people in the workforce by 2021, which the White House said is a good thing. Yesterday the CBO announced that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 would cost about 500,000 jobs in 2016, but the White House is attempting to dismiss those numbers.

'Stimulus Hasn't Left a Trace in the Sand': Krauthammer Blasts Jobless Recovery

Charles Krauthammer was on "The Kelly File" to discuss these numbers. He said the tradeoff of raising the minimum wage is that some people will make more, while others will lose their jobs. He said more than half of minimum wage earners are under 25, which means they could be risking their first job and experience in the workforce.

“They’re gonna lose that leg up on the ladder, the one that Obama always talks about as the ideal that he’s trying to construct. So it totally contradicts what Obama pretends his economic policy is, which is to give people the tools and the opportunity to climb into the middle class,” Krauthammer said. “That’s why the White House had to dismiss the numbers even though they are obvious to anybody who can see them.”

Krauthammer: People Are Losing Their Insurance, Doctors & Hospitals

Krauthammer told Kelly, “They love numbers except when they come out on the wrong side.”