UPDATE: Hear Judge Napolitano's very vocal response to this plan on Thursday morning's Fox and Friends!

In a controversial move, the Obama administration is looking to send the FCC in to investigate how the media chooses stories. Shannon Bream reported this morning on the plan, which is quickly drawing criticism as a possible infringement on the freedom of the press.

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The Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs (CINs) initiative was proposed last May. The FCC explained that it wanted information from television and radio broadcasters "to ascertain the process by which stories are selected, station priorities (for content production quality, and populations served), perceived station bias, perceived percent of news dedicated to each of the eight CIN's and perceived responsiveness to underserved populations."

The FCC has identified eight CINs, or key topics that the government believes should be covered.

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The study was supposed to start this week in Columbia, South Carolina, but stations there say no FCC representatives have shown up yet.

Republican lawmakers have urged the FCC to abandon the project. Others are voicing concerns that the government could try to influence what stations cover, pointing out that the FCC grants licenses to stations.

This comes on the heels of Reporters Without Borders ranking the United States 46th in its World Press Freedom Index.