The Department of Homeland Security wants to create a national license plate tracking system, according to the Washington Post.

“This is a proposal, not enacted by the Congress, not voted on by any of the people’s representatives, but snuck into a budget by some bureaucrats who decided to go out and spend this money to hire this company to take pictures of every license plate in select major cities in the United States,” Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Happening Now."

DHS Seeks Technology to Create Huge License Plate Database

Napolitano said this has never been done before and that it will enable the government to know exactly where everybody has gone.

“Law enforcement is not allowed to use its powers for no reason or on a hunch or a whim,” he said. “It has to have a reason they can articulate as to who did what wrong before they can start investigating.”

License Plate Readers: Keeping Us Safe or Violating Our Privacy?

Jenna Lee pointed out that there are cameras all over the streets of New York City and that many residents have come to accept it. She asked Napolitano if that’s any different than the license plate tracking system.

“No, it’s equally as unconstitutional, but we’ve come to accept it,” he said. “We’ve come to accept it because people somehow have accepted the view that all these cameras watching us keep us safe. They don’t keep us safe, they just destroy our freedom, and they will bring your children into a world where they will never know what privacy was.”

Watch his full interview above.