Bill O’Reilly says President Barack Obama must raise his positive profile, but the economy isn’t improving, foreign policy is shaky and ObamaCare continues to be problematic.

“Enter global warming, a fervent liberal cause,” he says.

Judge Nap: 'Can You Believe Obama Golfed in Drought-Stricken California?!'

Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry said climate change can be considered a weapon of mass destruction. Obama also stressed climate change while in drought-stricken California.

O’Reilly says there is evidence that the world is getting hotter but that the rate of warming is slowing down, according to a UN panel.

Obama Stresses Commitment to Energy in State of the Union Address

“Talking Points has maintained that no one – no one – knows for certain what causes climate fluctuations, but every human who cares about the Earth should want it to be cleaner,” he says. “Therefore, we should all – all of us – work together to make that happen, whether you believe in global warming or not.”

But O’Reilly points out that China and India are rapidly polluting the planet to make more money, and Obama can’t stop them. Therefore, O’Reilly says it would be foolish for the U.S. to punish its own people by holding up the Keystone XL pipeline, which won’t be a pollutant anyway, according to recent studies.

Al Gore: Contraception Is Key Tool in Combating Climate Change

O’Reilly says the Obama administration will use climate change "to obscure other problems.”

“That is called politics,” he says.

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